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Trasparenze offers a range of comfortable leggings for a perfect fit. If you are looking for thermal leggings, shaping and push-ups, you can choose from our models. Our colourful leggings will help you dress comfortably, but always in the latest fashion and why not, even leggings can be sexy! Do you want colour and feel comfortable? Our colourful leggings are for you: you can find a really interesting range, electric blue, white, grey and even seamless. Our winter leggings are made of high quality materials. Any doubt about the difference between footless tights and leggings? You can read our blog and find all the answer you are looking for.

Evolution microfibre footless ...


€ 21,00

Leggings 120 den microfiber, s...


€ 20,75

120 den microfibra legging wit...