Trasparenze - Made in Italy and ecology

The Trasparenze brand was born in the nineties and, from now on, is working to create unique, 100% made in Italy collections. With this we do not intend to produce articles in foreign countries to finish them in Italy, as do most of the major brands. No! Trasparenze are still true for true MADE IN ITALY and Trasparenze tights, leggings and socks are completely manufactured in our country.

For us it is of utmost importance to keep our production and workmanship in our country, in fact our articles are smeared and finished in Italy.

If you want to make a conscious purchase, purchase Trasparenze and you will be sure to have a 100% Italian fashion item.

If you've ever seen our company movie you have been able to see with your eyes that we follow all the step-by-step processes and that many of the steps are still manual.

Our handlers handle the items several times, for quality control in the various steps, up to the full manual packaging.

60 employees in our departments, for 80% women, every day follow the production of Transparency articles with great professionalism, precision and love for their work. Some of them have been working for the New Virgilian Shoe Factory for more than 30 years!

In addition to made in Italy, we also take great care of environmental issues. Indeed, in May 2008, The New Virgiliana Calzificio installed a photovoltaic plant, capable of producing energy for 157 kW. This system allows us to avoid the annual emission of carbon dioxide in the environment for 122,850 kg. In 2011, the photovoltaic system was expanded to another 193 KW, for a total of 350 KW. With this plant, the Nuova Virgiliana Calzificio will avoid introducing into the atmosphere about 252,850 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

In our little one, we try to preserve the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship and the beauty of our country by giving you fashionable collections every year.

Make a conscious purchase, buy Trasparenze.

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