Make room to colour

Finally a lively and brilliant winter! We always love to dress in a fashionable way, but we want to feel “LADY”, elegant and, why not,... also sexy, but always with style.
That is why we must know how to combine all the clothing items in the right way, because the pantyhose is the accessory that can make the difference.

Tights are the most worn type of hosiery all-over the world, Trasparenze has a very wide range of colours, applications and extremely original decorative details. However, even in the classic versions you can complete the most trendy everyday look with plain colours.

This year make room to colour! Red, blue, burgundy, green, purple! For a winter that is not boring at all.
But, how to wear these colours, feeling comfortable, elegant and refined?
To match coloured tights, there are two alternatives: combinations of matching tones but not too similar, or net contrasts.

We match the blue pantyhose with white, black clothes and if you want to create a little contrast, let’s choose red accessories.

Red? This is a colour that goes very well with the more classic black, with green and with blue.
But you can wear your red tights with burgundy, brown and camel garments.

How to combine burgundy tights?
The rules for matching burgundy tights are not very different to the ones for red, even if with this colour we can recreate retro-inspired looks, wearing them for example with ochre yellow, brown or dark green garments. Therefore, you should always prefer dark tones for both clothing and accessories.

If you love green colour but you are in doubt about how to combine green tights, remember that black is the simplest choice. If you love more eccentric looks, you can also combine them with burgundy, midnight blue or orange and yellow garments that are very fashionable this year.

Now you are ready to amaze!

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