Fall Winter 2017-18 legs in sight

Do you want to know what is one of the most interesting fashion trends in the cool fall winter season 2017/18?

Stockings, tights and leggings Transparencies!

This winter there will be no room for long trousers! Transparencies offers you a collection so rich of novelty that you will want to show your legs and wear the different proposals.

In the new Autumn Winter 2017/2018 fashion collection there are many proposals, suitable for all women who love the sock accessory. You can choose from models for an elegant, refined, cuddly and colorful look, comfortable yet always great.

The materials offered will allow you to wear something unique every day. From the embellished veil tights, to natural yarn traces, to delicate printed prints, or to more grim and fashion effects such as fake jackets and knee socks that are a must of our collections.

A great novelty is the tights and leggings in eco-leather. A really gritty boss for those who love to dare.

You can find an item for every occasion that revives the autumn days and renew your clothes with an accessory, because a fancy or colored stocking can give you new life to dresses, skirts and tubs, and will help you tackle the cool winter style.

In the collection Trasparenze there are also legging, which are real exterior fabrics, colored leather or classic and timeless black, also push ups to wear with casual and comfortable outfits.

There are short and long socks in both natural and non-woven yarns and metallic fibers so you can wear them both with a high heel and a sneaker but always with a great style.

Once again, let yourself be conquered by the Transparency collection because ... Transparency is the style, elegance, and strength of women.

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